Stuff that potentially goes beyond warranting accountability

 Flagrant Violations

These violations span numerous aspects critical to the basic function of government and society.

Law Enforcement

Extensive tampering, falsification, and destruction of protected records directly linked to former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers.

Free Speech and Communication

Numerous incidents of confirmed tampering/interference with communications including with family as well as legal representatives in the US in gross violation of law.

Internationally Guaranteed Rights and More

UK border force agent refusal to recognize international agreements with the US and allied law, active denial of right to call embassy.

What do we want?

Just, equal enforcement and protection of legal rights and protections that are guaranteed in law. In other words, nothing. Certain people just need to do their jobs and not be criminally negligent or worse.

Intelligent Evidence

We have extensive evidence of bold domestic and international terrorist threat actors and flagrant violations. Even more can likely be documented with SIGINT and other resources. We need to collectively be intelligent about threat awareness and actually utilize the resources we have to prevent severe harm and violations of law whenever possible.

Transparent Investigation

These violations (and likely numerous others that will be uncovered as more much needed eyes investigate) need to be pursued in a lawful, transparent manner. The American public is severely harmed by these ongoing operations as well as failures to uphold agreements in violation of numerous laws and accords. This is tangibly costing the US economy billions of dollars and large amounts of jobs at a rate that would shock people.

Secure the foundational principals of the US economy and function of modern society internationally by enforcement

Transparent and just enforcement of law, especially in the context of these numerous violations, will be conducive to improved security domestically as well as internationally, will help provide justice to those who have been hurt and will tangibly improve the economy potentially.


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What do we need from you?


Share with your friends and contact your representatives to demand formal inquiry of these flagrant violations.


There are considerable ongoing expenses such as legal fees that are essential to help defend rights, educate, raise awareness and mitigate dangerous precedents. Every donation helps!

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18 September 2017

Whitefish Bay, WI Police Chief
Admits to Tampering with
Legally Protected Records

In an upper middle class, largely white neighbourhood of Milwaukee, WI the police chief has admitted to
tampering/destroying/falsifying records including records at least in quadruplicate physically at the station.
Knowingly incorrect records have had a material affect on the integrity of other law enforcement agencies
as well as other systems in this instance alone at a minimum. These records have directly resulted in
egregious deprivation of rights. This has even been admitted by prosecutors after a knowingly false arrest,
during subsequent false prosecution.

Former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers, who has a documented history of abusing law
enforcement to terrorize and harass residents of Whitefish Bay as well as elsewhere is also directly
connected to several incidents of systematic records integrity compromise. Several of these incidents
appear to materially and severely undermine US national security at a minimum.
He appears to be directly connected to these records issues as well.

Please contact your representatives to demand a full, transparent investigation and justice.

18 September 2017

American Denied International
Right To Call Embassy
While Detained Without Cause
by British Border Force

An American prospective student who took a day trip to Paris, France was detained without cause when he attempted to return to his apartment in London where his personal belongings were located. He was singled out of the line when he attempted to re-enter as he was lawfully permitted as a prospective student. While detained the Border Force agent denied that there was a UK US visa waiver agreement which basically a treaty, especially given that there are national security issues contingent with that and wars have started over issues arguably significantly smaller than this even in a single instance. It also sets a terrifying precedent. When presented with the actual law by the detainee on his phone the border force agent continued to deny that there was any agreement. When presented with the Border Force entry guide, which itself at that time indicated that he should be admitted without issue, he denied the agreement and the validity of the web tool that was on the Border Force website itself. When he said that he needed to make a phone call to the US embassy, noting that it was his internationally guaranteed right to do so, the agent stated that "nobody would be making any phone calls."

This incident is much more terrifying than just these issues, and those alone should be deeply concerning to any traveller, US citizen travelling or any intending to travel to Britain for any reason. It also sets extremely concerning precedents.

Please contact your representatives to make your voice known and to ensure your rights are respected in the future. Please demand a full, transparent investigation and justice for these severe rights violations.

17 September 2017

London Metropolitan Police
and other Agencies Egregious
Failure to Enforce Law and
Adhere to Basic SOP Regarding
US, Traveler Targeted
Housing Frauds

Americans were severely harmed, terrified and some had their life endangered tangibly due to egregious systematic failures of London Metropolitan and other agencies to do the minimum of their legal requirements in multiple instances. Despite explicitly documented criminal fraud, violations of housing legal requirements, unlawful eviction attempts on Christmas after an stolen wire transfer, and multiple other unlawful eviction attempts (among yet other things) including after payments were made are all thoroughly documented against a US citizen who was travelling to London. There is significant indication that possible fraud networks, some linked to terrorism, have actively targeted travellers in at least London. There is also an extremely alarming incident rate of criminal fraud, housing law and tenancy rights violations against Americans travelling in London. Continued here.  would like to improve the safety of law enforcement as well as their ability to do their jobs justly and supports law enforcement that do their job. The law and SOP is there to protect everybody. 

18 sEPT 2017

US Housing Law Violations and Severe Failures to Enforce Basic Law

Numerous basic housing and tenancy laws violated including in high income predominantly white neighbourhoods that have gone unchecked by law enforcement for no discernible reason. Multiple cases that were basically handed to law enforcement and others on a silver platter as a matter of law
including criminal fraud, matters of improper utilization of the  property, housing/living standards, illegal rent hiking, and numerous other violations. This includes but isn’t limited to prestigious neighbourhoods in Northwest DC for instance. Financially these types of situations have cost the US economy  alone in excess of a billion dollars in just a year.

Please contact your representatives to demand a transparent, complete investigation and justice. These types of issues don't have limitation to any race, background or income demographic. Shelter is critical for all and is a basic need. The reason why the laws were created regarding housing is because of just how critical those rights are to the function as well as economic prosperity of society. It is asking nothing to demand these laws be enforced and failure to enforce the law justly is a fundamental violation of the contract with society. Its also basically criminally inept business practice when the few thousand dollars of rent that these crimes are committed for fails to come anywhere close to the billions lost to the economy.

If you would like further details regarding these cases please contact us.

18 September 2018

Apparent Core Wire Transfer System Failures and Missing Funds

Wire transfer systems between JPMorgan Chase and TD Bank failed for transfer of several thousand dollars. Initially TD Bank mailed a demand for funds of several thousand dollars after a new bank account was opened despite the money being transferred to TD bank, not withdrawn. Discussions with representatives from the transfer originating bank at JPMorgan Chase confirmed that the funds were direct to TD Bank, not withdrawn from TD. Support from TD bank demanded that funds be transferred to TD to cover the negative balance in the TD account which had also assessed an overdraft charge. A manager continued to hold that line, demand that additional funds were transferred despite TD being the bank that was supposed to have received the funds. The matter was then later resolved. Representatives from TD did confirm that the funds were initially transferred to TD Bank and that this representative couldn't tell what had happened. Their records indicated that the funds were deposited and withdrawn in a very abnormal way though they apparently didn’t have any information regarding where those funds went. This in and of itself would be a violation of federal banking requirements including counter terrorism, know your customer and anti-money laundering laws.

Considering that nearly 1/3 of the US reportedly doesn’t have the ability to cover a $10 incidental, a semesters worth of tuition just up and vanishing with a bank demanding payment should be extremely terrifying to any. The wire transfer system is basically one of the only reasons that bank are ever used. Undermining that is a threat to the entire US economy.

Banks need to function as banks and their core function is critical to national security. If banks become the bank robbers, or can't secure their systems sufficiently for even a basic wire transfer, they basically make themselves dinosaurs inherently. This incident would appear to be an indication that some banks are a suicide risk. Don’t allow them to use your money as their ropes.

Please contact your representatives to demand a full, transparent investigation and justice.

18 September 2017

Whitefish Bay, WI Police Attempt
to Unlawfully Ban Then Resident
From Core Road

After materially, proven false and knowingly false reports by Former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers, Whitefish Bay Police harassed and terrorized a residents family.

John Rogers reported his daughters former partner being parked in front of his house in a location that he usually didn't even park when they were in direct contact and dating. Police then went to the former partners family's house and bothered his parents. The Whitefish Bay police officers attempted to try to say he was banned from travelling Lake Drive, which is a major road essential to travelling the area. There isn't anything unlawful about parking in a public location that it's legal to park at even if the allegations were correct, which they were proven false others in addition to phone location records. John Rogers is a former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense and has a security system at his home. He would have known this was factually incorrect information beyond any doubt.

Whitefish Bay police were then called regarding the supposed ban. When presented with the facts that this was a verifiably false report and then it was noted that in addition to it not being illegal to park there, they can't act as a court, they backed down. Regardless this was a terrifying and egregious abuse of police resources by John Rogers as anybody can likely understand. It is a crime to submit a knowingly false report to police. This is further evidence of a long track record of John Rogers and his daughter Alexandra Elizabeth Rogers materially abusing resources in flagrant violation of the law. Additionally it severely undermines the credibility of Whitefish Bay police who obviously should know at a minimum the law and how to serve. This was misconduct and is unacceptable. When behavior like this occurs it tangibly jeopardizes legitimate law enforcement efforts and is terrifying.  would like to improve the safety of law enforcement as well as their ability to do their jobs justly and supports law enforcement that do their job. The law and SOP is there to protect everybody.

18 September 2017

Enterprise Rent-A-Car DC
Incorrectly Bills >$500
For Day Rental
Fights Promised Refund

Flagrant violation of basic customer obligations, possible fraud. After stating explicitly they wouldn't bill anything other than the roughly $80 day rental, Washington DC enterprise rent-a-car billed more than $500 for no apparent reason. Car insurance information was provided so even in the unlikely event of damage to the vehicle they wouldn’t charge for that amount. The manager at that time stated that the charges would be refunded, as did multiple phone support representatives over the course of ~3 months. The charge still wasn’t refunded. Despite multiple representatives being provided the insurance information, Enterprise apparently failed to even contact them even a single time.

A charge dispute was filed with JP Morgan Chase. Enterprise then proceeded to fight the dispute despite not having any legitimate claim, even per its own employee’s statements. JP Morgan Chase then stated to their own card holder that... 
CONTINUED, like most people, wants the economy to actually work.

Please contact your representatives to demand a full, transparent investigation and justice. These types of flagrant violations can’t go unchecked because they tangibly endanger a large amount of the economy. 

18 September 2017

Life Endangering, Incorrect
Medical Records At Large
Milwaukee Hospital

Apparent systematic falsification of medical records at least at a major hospital in Milwaukee, WI. There is some direct connection with former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers. Additionally affiliates claimed responsibility on behalf of John for putting this individual in the hospital repeatedly with life threatening medical situations after multiple attacks. He is still suffering from these attacks to this day on a daily basis. There is also apparent improper behavior regarding standard medical treatment, including involving radiation and critical medical equipment. Medical records had information that didn't even remotely reflect what transpired in several instances and in multiple situations appeared to be intentionally misleading or materially false in ways that no competent, practicing medical professional could possibly excuse.

The entirety of this is inexcusable and absolutely terrifying. This likely endangers significant numbers of lives inherently. Additionally medical records alone are supposed to be very legally protected. These types of violations can't go unpunished and violations of this type likely have resulted in deaths already. If these types of behaviors are unchecked they can become much more widespread quickly, and even in a somewhat isolated incident scenario can result in tens of thousands of deaths of Americans. Medical systems in the US are categorized as critical infrastructure for a very good reason.

Reports were filed with law enforcement regarding these issues. John Rogers has an extensive, well documented history of being directly connected at a minimum to systematic undermining of law enforcement even at a federal and international level. Several of these situations have likely also tangibly endangered the lives of law enforcement.

The risks from these issues at this Milwaukee hospital to the broader populace, even those in seemingly perfect health who don't often go to the hospital, should be immediately apparent if you think of what could happen with a standard outbreak scenario.  

Please contact your representatives to demand a full, transparent investigation and justice.

If you need more details please contact us.

18 September 2017

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