Preview: A Few Documented Violations

Communications Systematically blocked within north america

Communications were systematically MITM and cut off, including to an American's own family, from numerous geolocations and methods in North America after death threats were made by affiliates of former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers and the individuals US passport was stolen off of him. There are multiple deaths of civilians that John Rogers has claimed responsibility for and even taunted a member of the victims family regarding.

Police Records formally admitted to have been falsified/tampered/destroyed extensively by police chief

In at least an instance formally admitted by Whitefish Bay Police, records in more than triplicate and call logs directly connected with former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers were systematically destroyed/tampered/falsified. These records included information regarding policy that was potentially implemented to improve the safety and abilities of law enforcement as well as serve the American people that John Rogers has attempted to claim as his work to further his career.

American Banned from uk and denied right to call embassy

An American with explicit legal rights to re-enter the UK per the UK-US Visa Free Travel agreement was denied his international right to call the embassy at the border. He was told a number of things by the border force agent that didn't make any sense and would be terrifying to any traveler. For instance the meeting opened with a denial that there was even such a thing as the UK-US agreement and he was told that nobody was "going to be playing lawyer." After leaving the country for less than a day he was subsequently banned from the UK which is basically unprecedented in addition to the egregious violations of international accords as well as rights. Members of the UK government have stated that his rights are being denied in violation of the law. Ancillary issues directly connect this again to former Assistant Vice Undersecretary of Defense John Rogers.

There are many more issues than just these and we need your help

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