Enterprise Rent-A-Car DC Incorrectly Bills >$500 For Day Rental Then Fights Promised Refund

September 18, 2017

Flagrant violation of basic customer obligations, possible fraud. After stating explicitly they wouldn't bill anything other than the roughly $80 day rental, Washington DC enterprise rent-a-car billed more than $500 for no apparent reason. Car insurance information was provided so even in the unlikely event of damage to the vehicle they wouldn’t charge for that amount. The manager at that time stated that the charges would be refunded, as did multiple phone support representatives over the course of ~3 months. The charge still wasn’t refunded. Despite multiple representatives being provided the insurance information, Enterprise apparently failed to even contact them even a single time.
A charge dispute was filed with JP Morgan Chase. Enterprise then proceeded to fight the dispute despite not having any legitimate claim, even per its own employee’s statements. JP Morgan Chase then stated to their own card holder that as long as the merchant has your card details they can bill anything they want which is an egregious violation of card holder protections, card holder agreement as well as the law. This was after support representatives had basically stated that those funds would be returned when the dispute was filed as even common sense would indicate. After several months, Enterprise did eventually refund the over billed amount for what was supposed to be a simple 1 day car rental. Nearly 1/3 of Americans can’t even afford an incidental of $10. This was $500. How would you react if you were fraudulently billed multiples of what you were supposed to be billed for no apparent reason and people repeatedly lied to you while criminally failing to do the minimum of their requirements?

There are a few questions you might want to ask yourself. Imagine you are on a business trip anywhere and have this happen. How do you think your company would react if you try to get the charge reimbursed? What does it mean to you if you can’t rely on the basic legally guaranteed card holder protections that are provided in writing? What is the point of even using a credit card if it increases your liability and wastes your time? Why would a competent organization not back up its paying client when they have an obligation to do so and the client is obviously in the legal and ethical right? These things should concern everybody and arguably most those with meaningful stakes in the US economy. 

An economy can’t function without a basic reasonably stable and factually trust worthy system for transactions. We have seen repeatedly throughout history how severe economic contractions can be when these types of core financial systems and basic ease of doing business begin to fail. It is exceptionally unlikely given the severity of this situation alone that this is the only instance. We have multiple documented incidents of somewhat similar events in multiple respects. 

Flagrantviolations.com, like most people, wants the economy to actually work. 

Please contact your representatives to demand a full, transparent investigation and justice. These types of flagrant violations can’t go unchecked because they tangibly endanger a large amount of the economy.