London Metropolitan Police and
Other Agencies Egregiously Fail to Enforce Law or Adhere to Basic SOP Regarding
US, Traveler Targeted  Housing Frauds

September 18, 2017

Americans were severely harmed, terrified and some had their life endangered tangibly due to egregious systematic failures of London Metropolitan and other agencies to do the minimum of their legal requirements in multiple instances. Despite explicitly documented criminal fraud, violations of housing legal requirements, unlawful eviction attempts after a stolen wire transfer on Christmas, and multiple other unlawful eviction attempts (among yet other things) including after payments were made are all thoroughly documented against a US citizen who was travelling to London. There is significant indication that possible fraud networks, some linked to terrorism, have actively targeted travellers in at least London. There is also an extremely alarming incident rate of criminal fraud, housing law and tenancy rights violations against Americans travelling in London.

The extent of the active failure of London Metropolitan as well as others to do the minimum of their sworn, legally required duty is genuinely terrifying and should concern any living in London let alone travellers.

The legal rights of all need to be respected and enforced. There are reasons that SOP and law exist, and aren't to be meddled with in any instance. Doing so can exponentially increase a country's vulnerability and it would basically only have itself to blame. An example that any member of law enforcement would understand is how frequently even a common traffic stop has proven useful to thwart significant crimes. Housing crime in and of itself is a severe crime. Shelter is an essential need and that is why law was created to protect that basic right. This doesn’t even begin to contemplate the broader economic or social loss that is caused by violations.

Please contact your representatives to demand a transparent, complete investigation and justice. Your rights while travelling, or if you are living in London, are tangibly at risk. If people believe they can get away with it, and actions like this go unchecked, do you think it will likely lead to improvement or severe devolution? would like to improve the safety of law enforcement as well as their ability to do their jobs for the justice system and supports law enforcement that do their job. People who are a part of have done so previously. The law and SOP is there to protect everybody.